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Long added that the Trump administrations plans to build more detention facilities will mean more deaths due to subpar care and more serious medical issues undetected and untreated. Wrongful Deaths And Denial Of Care In late April, ICE Los Angeles field director David Marin led reporters on a tour of the Adelanto lockup . It sprawls across 108,000 square feet of high desert 40 miles north of San Bernardino. It is the states largest Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center, with some 1,700 people from 70 countries living behind its bars. Its run under a contract arrangement with the city of Adelanto. Inside the walls, Marin showed off medical-examination and X-ray suites, a psychiatric observation area, and a dental suite. Carlos Deveza, health services administrator for Correct Care Solutions (CCS), the Tennessee-based for-profit that provides health care at Adelanto, said the facility is fully staffed with a physician and mental health personnel. Marin told Capital & Main that CCS came on board in 2016 when ICE made it clear to Geo that its health-care services must improve in the aftermath of Morales death. But ICE declined to provide the agencys most recent Adelanto oversight reports that would show whether its own inspectors have found that health care, especially in the areas it criticized, had gotten better. advertisement The company is among the largest for-profit providers of prison medical and mental health care in the country, with 11,000 employees in prisons, jails, ICE detention centers, and community corrections facilities in 38 states.

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